Snow Portraits Session

Fall Snow Portrait

It’s Fall again when thoughts go to school starting, leaves falling, Christmas Card photos and snow portraits for those of us here in the South. Samantha came to our studio with her Grandma Tammy to check out some Florida “snow” at the Red Dog Studio in Fort Walton Beach.

We began the session by enjoying some Florida foliage which offered perfect look and mood with the recent cold spell that evening. We love it when people ask if we photograph in exotic locations because our images are so unique. It is Mari’s ability to fully use her camera that gives the ethereal  illusion to her images. In short, our beautiful photographs are quite simple and done in spot-on in camera and then fully-perfected in our photo editing software.

This brings us to our very exciting news! We are offering the 2017 photography classes!!

The Beginner Class

Did you just get a new camera? There are so many different settings. How do you set your camera to capture your precious images? We are here to help! In this class we will go over how to set your settings for your best images as well as composition and lighting.

We will do classroom work setting your camera settings and then move onto actually photographing both inside and outside. Bring your flash and manual and learn how to make amazing photographs on your own!

With over 10 years of classroom instruction experience, Mari will help you understand your camera.

We are offering one pre-Christmas class and one in January that would make the perfect Christmas present! Space is limited so register now!

Classes are being offered:

Saturday November 11th

Saturday January 6th

The Aspiring Professional Class

Is that fancy digital camera still on automatic, just like when you took it out of the box? Sometimes the ole “A” mode works beautifully, but more often than not, you just end up frustrated with inconsistent results. Of course professionals have awesome equipment, but that alone is not going to create beautiful photographs. You might have figured this out on your own if you purchased a nice dslr camera but the photos are not quite turning out.

We will go over professional settings, composition, lighting and business advice.

I’ve spent the last 10 years teaching hundreds of beginner photographers how to take control of their cameras and think like a pro photographer. My students are finding all kinds of success. From parents capturing real family moments that they are proud to hang on the wall, to business owners increasing sales and strengthening their brand to students starting new careers as professional photographers. You get to a point where your growth skyrockets.

Classes are:

Sunday November 12th

Sunday January 7th

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