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Santa Rosa Beach Photography

Olivia and Nick will say their vows next weekend at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Fort Walton Beach. I am so excited to be their wedding photographer. When we went to SoWal to do their engagement photography, Eden Gardens State Park was the perfect place to go! Their love language is so adorable!! Recent graduates of the Air Force Academy they are full life and love.

Santa Rosa Beach is known for it’s wonderful live oaks with the Spanish moss and of course the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Olivia and Nick decided on Eden Gardens for their engagement photography to take advantage of the wonderful antebellum home and of course the amazing oaks and fountains that line the property. It’s Florida’s version of a Louisiana plantation.  While having their engagement photographs made it was fun to watch them laugh and play with each other. It is so much fun when you have playful couples. Their love language is so apparent and a ton of fun to capture!

Eden is a great place for your wedding or just to visit. You can learn more about it at Check out the wedding tree and learn about the fascinating history of the house and acreage. Another great resource for the area is where you can see everything about South Walton County, a highly sought after area of the Florida Panhandle.santa rosa beach fldestiny wedding photographySanta Rosa Beach Engagement PhotographySoWal photographyEngagement PhotographySoWaldestin photographerEngagement Photography_0028

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Santa Rosa Beach Wedding |Documentary Wedding Photography | SoWal

Documentary Wedding Photography

I love photographing a beautiful Santa Rosa Beach Wedding. With so many venues to choose from, you can’t go wrong! Emily and Austyn chose Camp St. Helen for their New Year’s wedding. It was a simple DYI wedding with some great details provided by both talented mothers. You can’t beat that! Emily’s mom did some beautiful steel etchings for the signs denoting the cake, sign in area and food stations to name some along with catering the dinner. Austyn’s mom did the cakes and they really looked professional!

Camp St. Helen, located between Rosemary Beach and Panama City Beach is a quaint former steel company employee summer camp retreat that has now been turned into a state park on the Gulf of Mexico. If you are looking for the “old Florida” look, this is a must see!

Although the weather was chilly for January, the love and emotion of everyone surrounding the couple was full of warmth. The Starbuck’s coffee station also helped warm guests. Since Emily and Austyn met while working at the coffee shop, they wanted to incorporate it into their wedding as well.

It was nice to be able to incorporate my style of documentary wedding photography with some fun portraits and high fashion as well. Of course I do this at every wedding and this is why I call my style modern photojournalism. Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_002Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_003Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_004Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_005Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_006Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_007Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_008Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_009Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_010Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_011Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_012Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_013Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_014Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_015Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_016Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_017Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_018Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_019Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_020Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_021Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_022Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_023Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_024Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_025Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_026Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_027Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_028Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_029Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_030Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_031Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_032Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_033Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_034Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_035Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_036Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_037Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_038Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_039Santa rosa Beach Wedding photography_040

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Linsey and Matthew’s Destin Wedding

fall weddingWe were totally grooving over Linsey and Matthew’s Destin wedding this fall. After a beautiful church wedding in Shalimar, Fl, the reception was at the Hurlburt Soundside Club. Both venues were very nice.  Our team left no moment undocumented from getting ready to the sweet kiss at the alter and onto some fun and funky dancing!

Linsey and Matthew wanted the wonderful tradition of a church wedding in her home church combined with the spaciousness of the Soundside Club where their many guests could dance, eat and socialize without being crowded.

Fall weddings are very popular for our destination wedding photography clients in this area. The weather is usually warm in October and it as a rule is not our rainy season. couple boudiour photography_008couple boudiour photography_009couple boudiour photography_010couple boudiour photography_011couple boudiour photography_012couple boudiour photography_013couple boudiour photography_014couple boudiour photography_015couple boudiour photography_016couple boudiour photography_017couple boudiour photography_018couple boudiour photography_019couple boudiour photography_020couple boudiour photography_021couple boudiour photography_022couple boudiour photography_023couple boudiour photography_024couple boudiour photography_025couple boudiour photography_026couple boudiour photography_027couple boudiour photography_028couple boudiour photography_029couple boudiour photography_030couple boudiour photography_031couple boudiour photography_032couple boudiour photography_033couple boudiour photography_034couple boudiour photography_035couple boudiour photography_036couple boudiour photography_037couple boudiour photography_038couple boudiour photography_039

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