Destination Elopement First Look

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An intimate destination elopement in Destin, Fl was what Carolyn and Jd decided upon for their recent wedding. They have waited a long time to exchange vows and the zing of excitement right before they did their first look sizzled through the beachside condo. I don’t know who was more excited the bride or the groom! Whether destination elopement or traditional wedding, many couples are opting to do a first look before strolling down the wedding aisle.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the first look is the opportunity for the couple to have an intimate moment and see each other before the wedding. Many couples take that time to exchange gifts or cards with one another. It is a wonderful private moment before they will be surrounded by family and friends for hours. Many people use the time to calm one another as well. In the many times I’ve seen the first look, I have never had it ruin the groom’s excitement as the bride walks down the aisle. Carolyn and Jd decided to do theirs overlooking the Gulf of Mexico on their condo balcony. There were tears, laughter, kisses and hugs. It was truly romantic! If you are interested read more about wedding first looks at the Wedding Central.

Carolyn and Jd also thought choosing their wedding officiant was an important decision. I totally concur with this thought. They chose Marie Di Giovine, who takes the time to actually interview her couples and learn things about them that she uses in her very personal ceremonies. I really enjoy working with Marie because she is very professional, but has a great sense of humor and enjoys her time with her clients. As a matter of fact, later this  year when my own daughter gets married, Marie will be the officiant.

Although the wind was blustery and cold, Jd and Carolyn took the time to enjoy their ceremony and wedding photography. I hope you do too. Congratulations you two!
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