Atlanta Wedding Photography- Lake Lanier Islands

Lake Lanier Islands WeddingWhat a great wedding!! Atlanta is a fun place and we love doing Atlanta Wedding Photography. Sarah and Jason were originally going to get married in Destin, Fl but changed their venue to Lake Lanier Islands Weddings. What an awesome change! Both the wedding venue staff and the wedding planner Rebecca Dey of Rebecca Niccole Weddings really went above and beyond with talent and professionalism. I cannot stress how much professional venue staff and a great planner make a wedding a breeze for all vendors and the couple. It’s a win win situation for all!

Most weddings in the greater Atlanta area offer a wonderful topography. I do love the white sands and beautiful waters of The Emerald Coast and 30A coastlines, the allure of crisp mountain air, old growth forests and foothills of the Appalachian mountains. There were so many areas to photograph, it was hard to choose. atlanta wedding photography_0002atlanta wedding photography_0003atlanta wedding photography_0004atlanta wedding photography_0005atlanta wedding photography_0006atlanta wedding photography_0007atlanta wedding photography_0008atlanta wedding photography_0009atlanta wedding photography_0010atlanta wedding photography_0011atlanta wedding photography_0012atlanta wedding photography_0013atlanta wedding photography_0014atlanta wedding photography_0015atlanta wedding photography_0016atlanta wedding photography_0017atlanta wedding photography_0018atlanta wedding photography_0019atlanta wedding photography_0020atlanta wedding photography_0021atlanta wedding photography_0022atlanta wedding photography_0023atlanta wedding photography_0024atlanta wedding photography_0025atlanta wedding photography_0026atlanta wedding photography_0027atlanta wedding photography_0028atlanta wedding photography_0029atlanta wedding photography_0030atlanta wedding photography_0031atlanta wedding photography_0032atlanta wedding photography_0033atlanta wedding photography_0034atlanta wedding photography_0035atlanta wedding photography_0036atlanta wedding photography_0037atlanta wedding photography_0038atlanta wedding photography_0039atlanta wedding photography_0040atlanta wedding photography_0041atlanta wedding photography_0042atlanta wedding photography_0043atlanta wedding photography_0044atlanta wedding photography_0045atlanta wedding photography_0046atlanta wedding photography_0047atlanta wedding photography_0048atlanta wedding photography_0049atlanta wedding photography_0050atlanta wedding photography_0051atlanta wedding photography_0052atlanta wedding photography_0053atlanta wedding photography_0054atlanta wedding photography_0055atlanta wedding photography_0057atlanta wedding photography_0058atlanta wedding photography_0059atlanta wedding photography_0060atlanta wedding photography_0061atlanta wedding photography_0062atlanta wedding photography_0063atlanta wedding photography_0064atlanta wedding photography_0065atlanta wedding photography_0066

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