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What I said? A  WaterVue wedding with a backyard ceremony? Well that should be interesting.  And then of course you have a bride that works out five days a week and is just as beautiful on the inside as outside…what?!  Jacque and Angel are adorable together. And of course Angel’s son Trendon adds uber cuteness to the mix .There was so much beauty and emotion to this backyard wedding. Nobody would have ever guessed it. I reunited with one guest that was a fan of mine when I worked for the Northwest Florida Daily News and it was fun to relive my career as a photojournalist for a while.  Jacque and Angel’s reception was at WaterVue right on Brooks Street in Fort Walton Beach. With such a beautiful backyard DIY wedding, Angel and Jacque’s wedding was amazing. Our style of wedding photography loves emotional moments, and we got so many of those from their wedding! Our wedding tagline is Pure Love Documented and that is what we did there. Our second shooter CarrieAlvesPhotography caught emotions and love I expect from my assistant photographers as he always does when we photograph together.

Their beautiful and successful wedding just shows that with planning and patience a backyard wedding doesn’t necessarily warrent the negative stigma it seems to get. I personally adored the whimsical chandelier hanging from between the two water oak trees with white lights wrapped around them. Simple folding chairs and some tulle on the fence finished up the simple but elegant decore and showed off the Choctawatchee Bay in the background.

Angel and Jacque’s other vendors and details were awesome as well.



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Lynn King - May 12, 2017 - 12:03 pm

Jacque and Angel, you look stunning!

I’ve never seen more beautiful wedding pictures, pictures that capture the subject’s personality and joy.

Highly recommend Mari Darr-Welch for any photography need one may have.

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