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Dustin called me to schedule a session for he and his girlfriend. Little did I know at first, but he had a SECRET! Oh it was a good one. So delicious I said yes to his session immediately! He had decided Stacy was the girl for him, he wanted to make her his wife. And he wanted to propose to her at Watercolor on 30A in SoWal. I met with Dustin about 40 minutes ahead of his session to work out the details. His expressions morphed between someone facing a tiger and  a child running down the stairs to see if Santa had come at the same time. It was adorable! Poor thing, he was so nervous, wanting everything to be perfect just like his Stacy and yet so excited to show her that THIS is how much he loves her. Ahhh the sweetness of it all. As a Destin photographer, it was easy for me to show him the areas that were perfect for them, and we plotted a way the proposal would be a surprise. You know…Stacy not only fell for it, but she also said YES! Yippee! I had a great time with both the proposal at Watercolor and the beach engagement session at the ever beautiful Seaside. Please enjoy their images!Destin Engagement Photographer_002Destin Engagement Photographer_003Destin Engagement Photographer_004Destin Engagement Photographer_005Destin Engagement Photographer_006Destin Engagement Photographer_007Destin Engagement Photographer_008Destin Engagement Photographer_009Destin Engagement Photographer_010Destin Engagement Photographer_011Destin Engagement Photographer_012Destin Engagement Photographer_013Destin Engagement Photographer_014Destin Engagement Photographer_015Destin Engagement Photographer_016Destin Engagement Photographer_017Destin Engagement Photographer_018Destin Engagement Photographer_019

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Destin Beach Photographer | The “M” Family | Laughter on the Beach

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A photographer friend of mine I knew when I worked in New Orleans referred Lisa, who is also a wonderful photographer in Arkansas, and her family to me for their family beach portraits here in Destin, Fl. I am so glad she did! I had a wonderful time with Lisa, her husband and their boys. It was so much fun to see them enjoy their moments being parents and the love reciprocated by their adorable boys! Those are the kinds of beach portrait sessions I love! And of course with laughter as well. Anyone who has met me knows I love the lighter side of life!

Please enjoy Lisa and her beautiful family!

Destin Family Beach photography_014Destin Family Beach photography_015Destin Family Beach photography_016Destin Family Beach photography_017Destin Family Beach photography_018Destin Family Beach photography_019Destin Family Beach photography_020Destin Family Beach photography_021Destin Family Beach photography_022Destin Family Beach photography_023

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