Linsey and Matthew’s Destin Wedding

fall weddingWe were totally grooving over Linsey and Matthew’s Destin wedding this fall. After a beautiful church wedding in Shalimar, Fl, the reception was at the Hurlburt Soundside Club. Both venues were very nice.  Our team left no moment undocumented from getting ready to the sweet kiss at the alter and onto some fun and funky dancing!

Linsey and Matthew wanted the wonderful tradition of a church wedding in her home church combined with the spaciousness of the Soundside Club where their many guests could dance, eat and socialize without being crowded.

Fall weddings are very popular for our destination wedding photography clients in this area. The weather is usually warm in October and it as a rule is not our rainy season. couple boudiour photography_008couple boudiour photography_009couple boudiour photography_010couple boudiour photography_011couple boudiour photography_012couple boudiour photography_013couple boudiour photography_014couple boudiour photography_015couple boudiour photography_016couple boudiour photography_017couple boudiour photography_018couple boudiour photography_019couple boudiour photography_020couple boudiour photography_021couple boudiour photography_022couple boudiour photography_023couple boudiour photography_024couple boudiour photography_025couple boudiour photography_026couple boudiour photography_027couple boudiour photography_028couple boudiour photography_029couple boudiour photography_030couple boudiour photography_031couple boudiour photography_032couple boudiour photography_033couple boudiour photography_034couple boudiour photography_035couple boudiour photography_036couple boudiour photography_037couple boudiour photography_038couple boudiour photography_039

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Destin Wedding Photography |Fun Destination Wedding | Destin Fl

Destination Wedding PhotographyI love this fall wedding!!! Pamela and Craig along with their friends and family were so much fun!!! After talking to Pamela on the phone the first time, I knew she was a woman who exuded an awesome positive energy and also knew how to have fun! The destination wedding was hosted at a spacious home on Gulf Shore Drive in Destin, FL overlooking the Destin Harbor. What a romantic wedding location!  Our team arrived and enjoyed documenting Pamela, Craig, their wedding party and guests at the home. Having a great wedding team is important to me. I choose to do this, because getting all of the angles and views provides a well rounded wedding photography service for my clients.

Pamela also has an eye for details. Her table arrangements were a impecciably chosen. I enjoyed reading the messages clipped to the menu by decorated clothes pins. It was very adorable!!! The china plates and chargers were a sweet pattern that boded well with the ease and casual aura of the outside deck reception. It was a classic meets shabby chic motif that worked very well.

In all we had a wonderful time with this Destin wedding. Thank you Pamela and Craig for allowing us the honor of documenting your wedding day!
destin wedding photography_002destin wedding photography_003destin wedding photography_004destin wedding photography_005destin wedding photography_006destin wedding photography_007destin wedding photography_008destin wedding photography_009destin wedding photography_010destin wedding photography_011destin wedding photography_012destin wedding photography_013destin wedding photography_014destin wedding photography_015destin wedding photography_016destin wedding photography_017destin wedding photography_018destin wedding photography_019destin wedding photography_020destin wedding photography_021destin wedding photography_022destin wedding photography_023destin wedding photography_024destin wedding photography_025destin wedding photography_026destin wedding photography_027destin wedding photography_028destin wedding photography_029destin wedding photography_030

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Cutting Edge Senior Portrait Photography |Class of 2016| Destin Fl

Destin Photography

You’ve spent hours online researching senior portrait studios, skimmed the obsolete dusty phone book for studios as well, maybe you’ve seen a couple Facebook ads about senior portraits  or are thinking about using your BFF, but you’re still not sure who to choose. We’d like to take a moment to explain to you all about the senior portrait process.

The most important thing you’ll want to keep in mind is if the studio matches your personal style. You want to make sure they’re able to deliver the images you are looking for. While looking at a studio’s portfolio helps, talking to them and seeing if your vision matches their capabilities is also a good idea. Here at Mari Darr~Welch: Modern Photojournalist we believe every senior is different so our sessions are custom tailored to you. You wont get the same pictures as your friends, with the same effects and the same textures like you’d get with a bigger cookie-cutter studio that the schools try to force on you. Mari herself  takes the time to scout out new locations for a completely unique look. Imagine if you went with a bigger studio and chose an image for your senior yearbook photo that was the same as someone else at your school who also went to that studio.  You’re an individual and your portraits should capture you.

What else sets us apart? The fact we have one of the last free standing actual full-service photo studios in the area. For your portrait session, we are able to create some awesome and imaginative studio shots as well as on-location (such as parks, beaches, countrysides and alleyways).

So what are you waiting for? Give Mari Darr~Welch: Modern Photojournalist a call today to schedule your personalized senior session. 850-699-3403

Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_002Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_009Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_008Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_007Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_006Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_005Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_004Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_003

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Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography |Class of 2016| Emerald Coast

Senior Portrait photography

Sometimes the summer rains in Florida allow for some amazing light, lightning and clouds. For this senior beach portrait session, my clients rented a condo close to our favorite section of the Emerald Coast. On this particular evening, a rain storm started at 5pm and came and went the whole session. We had to hide in our vehicles before we braved the beach. We were rewarded for our patience; the natural colors after this rain were beautiful soft, warm cloud filtered light. We even got a lightning strike in one of our images! I am guessing nobody in her home town will have images like this!Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_011Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_012Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_013Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_014Destin Beach Senior Portrait Photography_015

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