Destin Engagement Photography | Watercolor Inn and Resort | Chaz and Sean

Destin Wedding PhotographyChaz and Sean are so much fun. You may remember their intimate Panama City wedding in December. They wanted to do an engagement style session after their wedding. Since I am a Destin based photographer, I do know some beautiful areas. I suggested the Watercolor Inn and Resort as a backdrop for their Destin engagement photography session. There are so many areas in Watercolor, perfect for a Destin beach wedding as well! Although Winter storm Leon took out some of the beautiful floral foliage, the grounds of Watercolor still have their wonderful trees and architecture. We used some great nooks and crannies and the major areas that have made the Destin area resort iconic for wedding photography.  I love how easy Chaz and Sean share intimate looks and soft touches. It’s a sweet soft love, the kind that will last a lifetime. The kind that makes you smile with joy when you see them. That’s pretty cool!

It was a great start to the wedding season for 2014! If you are getting married in Destin, please feel free to call me or check out the website at Mari I love to photograph the area’s destination beach weddings clients and document their love on our wonderful white sand beaches. Destin Engagement Photography_002Destin Engagement Photography_003Destin Engagement Photography_004Destin Engagement Photography_005Destin Engagement Photography_006Destin Engagement Photography_007Destin Engagement Photography_008Destin Engagement Photography_009Destin Engagement Photography_010Destin Engagement Photography_011Destin Engagement Photography_012Destin Engagement Photography_013Destin Engagement Photography_014Destin Engagement Photography_015Destin Engagement Photography_016Destin Engagement Photography_017Destin Engagement Photography_018Destin Engagement Photography_019Destin Engagement Photography_020

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Southern Winter Storm | Florida Ice | Highway Sledding

Southern Winter StormWho would have imagined that here in the Florida Panhandle we would have three snow days from school and be sledding down bridges next to palm trees?  In this crazy winter, most of the South has experienced some icing or colder than average weather since Christmas. It usually happens overnight and is gone by dawn. This week Fort Walton Beach, Destin and the rest of the Gulf Coast had a real taste of it from Winter Storm Leon. And when the heck did we begin naming winter storms? Next thing you know there will be thunderstorm Herman rolling through Oklahoma that spurred Tommy Tornado and placed some unpopular Henry Hail along it’s path! Where does it end? Really Weather Channel, really?

Okay, off that tangent and back to the subject at hand. Winter storm Leon. Now I know, most of you across the country are thinking. “Whimps, the northerners deal with that and more every day!” Yes, you do. However, please keep in mind, some of our roads are unpaved. Most have a bridge or four on them over  a major waterway. We don’t have salt (only on our margaritas) to put on the roads, we don’t have plows or snow tires. And to top it off…most of the southerners have never driven on ice, including school bus drivers. I will also add, some homes actually do not have heat or insulation. Temperatures of 22 are pretty significant when you’re trying to use a space heater for the whole house!

So allow us to have one day of silly giggling and fun as we sled down our ice covered overpasses and don’t forget to come and see us this summer. Because no matter how  hard the winter…the Emerald Coast still has the most beautiful beaches on Earth!

southern sledding 2014 Photography_008southern sledding 2014 Photography_009southern sledding 2014 Photography_010southern sledding 2014 Photography_011southern sledding 2014 Photography_012southern sledding 2014 Photography_013southern sledding 2014 Photography_014southern sledding 2014 Photography_015southern sledding 2014 Photography_016

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