Destin Wedding Photography | Niki and John

destin beach wedding

Niki and John  decided to run away from the frozen tundra of the north and get married in Destin Florida, home of the most beautiful beaches in the country! We shoot dozens of Destin weddings a year and each and every one are simply amazing! For Niki and John, Mother Nature had a twist. Instead of snow, they got rain on their wedding day. By the way…that’s actually good luck. Everyone knows a wet knot cannot be untied! It’s days like their wedding day that make Destin wedding photography a bit tricky. But we made it through! Niki made the call to see if I was available the next day to do some sunny day after family and bridal party pictures. Thankfully I was and we were granted the type of evening that was simply magical! It was the perfect night for a Destin Florida portrait session and wedding images! Niki and John and their family enjoyed the wonderful sunshine and warm beach as the emerald green waters and white sands stood out with majesty! As I played with the couple, I was reminded how lucky I am to be a Destin Florida photographer! Each and every day we get to go and enjoy our beautiful area is a blessing! I know Niki and John were happy to come down from the snow and freezing temperatures for their Destin beach wedding!984054_10152146458898492_7509442624173921704_n1538869_10152146458508492_8336719161381185816_n1662143_10152146459043492_7990119852233308917_n1897826_10152146459133492_5063790209347027120_n1901850_10152146459123492_41626168157591951_n1966706_10152146458478492_3098059244608049323_n10009863_10152146458903492_3453533364783964849_n10151327_10152146459093492_4875421172218083114_n10153891_10152146459048492_4519175026203795390_n10154075_10152146458788492_2847828105708092268_n10156131_10152146458783492_4075756721904089826_n10167919_10152146458888492_6601174859376889302_n10176182_10152146458513492_5040103763148823888_n10245562_10152146458598492_6351278684768570086_n10247381_10152146458468492_2387327277771362068_n10250176_10152146459173492_571500081245918582_n10252064_10152146458548492_7002653705345864666_n10252130_10152146458603492_3009493203587241259_n10256798_10152146459053492_6083948945547646415_n10259953_10152146458803492_7695216359185155821_n

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