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Lindsay graduates this year and had not gotten the senior portraits she wanted. Everything was always the same. She wanted modern senior portraits and she wanted to have them done in the Destin, Fl area. While looking around at the area photographers, she discovered they all looked the same until she came to my web site. When she found Mari Darr~Welch: Modern Photojournalist Seniors she immediately got ahold of me to schedule her session. I am so happy she did this! Not only was she a very beautiful girl on the outside but on the inside as well. We had fun in the Destin area utilizing the small nooks and crannies most folks would just walk by as backdrops for some stunning images. Please feel free to comment on Lindsay’s images and wish Lindsay a happy graduation!! And remember, when you are looking for the best Destin Senior Portrait Photography, just call 850-699-3403 and chat with Mari about your needs.
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Destin Wedding Photography | Kayla and Cody Sneak Peek | Hammock Bay Weddings

Hammock Bay Weddings FreeportDestin Wedding Photography_002Destin Wedding Photography_003Destin Wedding Photography_004Destin Wedding Photography_005Destin Wedding Photography_006Destin Wedding Photography_007Destin Wedding Photography_008Destin Wedding Photography_009Destin Wedding Photography_010Destin Wedding Photography_011Destin Wedding Photography_012Destin Wedding Photography_013Destin Wedding Photography_014Destin Wedding Photography_015Destin Wedding Photography_016Destin Wedding Photography_017Destin Wedding Photography_018Destin Wedding Photography_019Destin Wedding Photography_020Destin Wedding Photography_021Destin Wedding Photography_022

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Mari Darr~Welch - May 17, 2014 - 11:31 pm

Thank you! They are a sweet and handsome couple for sure! I did enjoy meeting everyone there. I will add you to the online gallery when they are all edited. You’ll get an email confirmation.

robyn stack - May 17, 2014 - 10:39 pm

I am cody stacks mom and just wanted to say the sneak peek pics are amazing. When you post more can you let me know or tell me where i can see them all so i can order some as well. Thank you again you have an amazing talent and your pics are BEAUTIFUL.
Robyn stack
My email is….codemom33@

Destin Beach Portrait Photography | 30A/SoWal Love | Destin Photography

Destin Photography

It’s springtime and thoughts go towards planning a vacation. What a better place than Destin Florida and the surrounding 30A and South Walton corridor? With the beautiful white sand beaches and post card emerald green water, how can you go wrong? It’s been a long hard winter for those of you up north! While you’re at the beach, why don’t you hire a local Destin photographer like me to do your Destin beach portrait photography? When you use me, you get a skilled Destin beach photographer who knows the light, the water and how to make your family look magical! We love our little people! Whether you are doing a Destin Florida or South Walton beach portrait, here are some things to remember. Don’t be afraid of color! The old white and khaki is out. In are the vibrant colors that accentuate our beautiful waters. Have fun! We mix a traditional look with the fun of lifestyle photography. Be prepared to laugh and sing (out of key singing is my specialty!) and enjoy your Destin Florida experience as a family. The last thing to remember is snacks for the little ones. Somehow the sand and sound of the Gulf makes them hungry and thirsty! Bring some crackers, cheerios or gummies and water. A sour mood can usually be thwarted by taking a few moments to grab a light snack! We look forward to seeing you this year!! Here in Destin Florida, the only snow looking stuff we have is our white sand. It’s been a long winter….come to the beach and treat yourself! Destin Beach Portrait Photography_002Destin Beach Portrait Photography_003Destin Beach Portrait Photography_004Destin Beach Portrait Photography_005Destin Beach Portrait Photography_006Destin Beach Portrait Photography_007Destin Beach Portrait Photography_008Destin Beach Portrait Photography_009

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