Linsey and Matthew’s Destin Wedding

fall weddingWe were totally grooving over Linsey and Matthew’s Destin wedding this fall. After a beautiful church wedding in Shalimar, Fl, the reception was at the Hurlburt Soundside Club. Both venues were very nice.  Our team left no moment undocumented from getting ready to the sweet kiss at the alter and onto some fun and funky dancing!

Linsey and Matthew wanted the wonderful tradition of a church wedding in her home church combined with the spaciousness of the Soundside Club where their many guests could dance, eat and socialize without being crowded.

Fall weddings are very popular for our destination wedding photography clients in this area. The weather is usually warm in October and it as a rule is not our rainy season. couple boudiour photography_008couple boudiour photography_009couple boudiour photography_010couple boudiour photography_011couple boudiour photography_012couple boudiour photography_013couple boudiour photography_014couple boudiour photography_015couple boudiour photography_016couple boudiour photography_017couple boudiour photography_018couple boudiour photography_019couple boudiour photography_020couple boudiour photography_021couple boudiour photography_022couple boudiour photography_023couple boudiour photography_024couple boudiour photography_025couple boudiour photography_026couple boudiour photography_027couple boudiour photography_028couple boudiour photography_029couple boudiour photography_030couple boudiour photography_031couple boudiour photography_032couple boudiour photography_033couple boudiour photography_034couple boudiour photography_035couple boudiour photography_036couple boudiour photography_037couple boudiour photography_038couple boudiour photography_039

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